Sunday, 6 March 2011

GLOW in March - Different Date!!! 14th March

GLOW's having a slightly oddly dated version of GLOW, being held on the second Monday of the Month. So, this time the March's GLOW (Greater London Open source Writers) meetup is coming on Monday the 14th of March from 6pm onwards.

Who's GLOW for? If you write professionally, or if you just blog regularly, all folks who write about open source, the GLOW is for you. We are a small group but we like a good natter.

Tweet me @codepope or drop me an email at codepope at if you are thinking of coming along to natter about open source, talking about writing about it, chatting about patents, law, code, development, whatever. Just come along and freely exchange words, in sentences to make a derivative work we call conversation.

Meet up up at the Riverside Terrace Cafe at the South Bank Centre at 6pm onwards where the evening commences with a bracing coffee whilst admiring the view. Look for the GLOW logo, or, if technical issues prevent the logo appearing, look for a portly bearded chap with too many gadgets and you should be close.

If you would like to come but something is stopping you from getting to GLOW, drop me an email or tweet me on the addresses above, and we'll see what we can do to accomodate your issues.

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